About Us

Millions of people around the world suffer from hyperhidrosis, managing uncontrollable excessive sweating every day while trying to go about their normal lives.

Jack, the founder and CEO of Duradry, is one of these people. And back in 2014, he decided to do something about it — for himself, but also to help everyone else who was struggling with severe cases of hyperhidrosis.

Store-bought antiperspirants are not enough to keep you dry. And “Clinical Strength” antiperspirants… don’t get us started lol 💸

Home remedies are a waste of time. And medical solutions cost thousands of dollars. Don’t even mention how invasive and risky some of these can be. Yuk!

We analyzed every treatment on the market, what it contained, and what it got right and wrong. Read hundreds of peer-reviewed medical studies. Then we embarked on the mission to create the very best solution for excessive sweating; non-invasive, affordable, safe and easy to use.

Simple, right? … NOT 😩

We needed to find the very best, cleanest, purest, most effective ingredients out there. And they weren’t available through ordinary suppliers. So we looked beyond the standard compliance certifications to find products that excelled in tests.

We knew that all the specifics of the active ingredients — the atomic ratio, the pH, and the purity — are the difference between something that works and something that kinda does. And this is something that set us apart from the get-go; we optimize for performance, not for minimizing cost. If an ingredient is 20% more effective, but double the cost, that’s fine, because effectiveness means everything to hyperhidrosis sufferers.

We are obsessive about performance at Duradry. We can’t achieve perfection, but we want to get as close to it as possible.

Soon Duradry will be synonymous with hyperhidrosis treatment. If someone wants to search something on the web, they use Google. And if someone has hyperhidrosis, they’ll know we have the best solution 🎉. We continuously work on our formulas — just like Google keeps developing better algorithms.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you have to try Duradry today.