Duradry Reviews

Duradry® Reviews
Jamie Pollard
* “I love the PM formula, it does exactly what it says it does. The Am, smell reminds me of dove. I’m not a fan of dove, and it doesn t work for me. The Am is like any regular deodorants. The four stars is for the PM.”
Scott Hebert
* “Not sure where to start with this as it is a very rare occurrence that I rate items. I cannot say enough great things about this product. As an immediate skeptic after trying countless other products including shirts, this product has blown me away. After the first two days it hadn’t worked quite the way I thought. I still had uncontrollable sweat and couldn’t sleep well at night with the itching. Now one week in, I am able to workout and perform daily activities without the worry of over-sweating. I would recommend this product for anyone and will be a customer for life. Thank you!”
Todd Banvich
* “This product really works! No sweaty underarms not even halfway through the day. No white marks left on my dark colored shirts. No yellow stains on my white t’s. I love it.”
* “So far after 2 days of use, it has been amazing!!”
Cece Herr
* “I love this product. I finally found a deodorant that kept me dry all day.”
* “I always thought that I was worse than most people diagnosed with hyperhydrosis. I bought Duradry thinking it might help, but withheld my hope as I was so used to being disappointed.
Was I wrong. Duradry actually works. I still sweat profusely everywhere else so wearing light colored shirts isn’t so much of an option, but being able to wear button up shirts and sweaters without worrying about having huge pit stains is so relieving.
If you’re reading the reviews trying to figure out if Duradry is legit: I was in your same boat, and it’s worked wonderfully for me. Try it, and you’ll see I’m not lying. What do you have to lose?”
Herberto vega
* “I cannot express how happy I am to have found this product. For years I’ve had problems with excessive sweating and trying to find a solution was always a hastle. But this product has surprised me to the fullest,it has immediately stopped my excessive sweating and I cannot be happier to have stumbled upon this product. I will continue to purchase it and will be more than happy to share this great product to other people who have excessive sweating problems! Thank you!”
Kent Brewer
* “Life changing. Couldn’t be any happier than I am. Thank you for bringing back my confidence”
* “I used Duradry for the first time last night and this morning. After about 25 years of issues with excessive sweating, sweat stains, and embarrassment, and trying many, many products that are supposed to help, I FINALLY found something that worked! I am so excited! It was almost weird to have dry underarms today. I didn’t know what that felt like. I can’t wait to see how this works for me long term! If this does work for me long term, it will totally change my life! Thank you!”
* “I have only been using the product for about 10 days, but I can already see a significant improvement! This is coming from someone who has struggled with excess perspiration for roughly 30 years. One big tip I would give new customers is to try a tiny amount of the PM product the first few days, perhaps less than the amount of toothpaste you use. I experienced significant irritation the first 2 nights, but saw such a great result, I was willing to suffer a little. Within about a week, the irritation mostly subsided. If this product continues to perform well after a month or so, I will happily return and increase my review to 5 stars. Thank you!”
Alexander Ascencio
* “It’s a great product
I’m really satisfied with it I will recomendaciones to anyone that I see that has over sweating problems. I love it with many other products I tried before I never thought I was going to find one that really works. Thank you so muchhh!!!”
Ricardo Andrade
* “I can not begin to express how truly grateful I am I came across your product. For many years now I had to worry on how to hide my excess sweating, which meant wearing darker shirts or even false products that did not do as promised. Now, with this product, I saw changes in just two days. I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now, and I can now wear light colors and not have to worry about embarrassing myself. Thank you, thank you so much.”
* “Nothing was helping reduce my teenage daughter’s embarrassing underarm sweat. She was at her wits end and wanted me to consider Botox injections. I found this product on line and was praying it would help. Duradry delivers! She now goes to school in her “cute” tops, not worry about unsightly sweat marks!! Her confidence is back! Thank you DuraDry!!”
Nick Graham
* “The product worked the first full day I used it. I used the PM first at bedtime. It was pretty uncomfortable and extremely irratating the first night. However after a few more PM applications, it went away. The next morning I used the AM and had a pretty stressful day that always meant huge stains on my shirt and undershirt from my armpit sweat. However I was completely dry. I have been using this product for over a week now and have yet to sweat or stain a shirt. I love this product. It’s the first time I can take my suit jacket off or wear a tee shirt in public without being embarrassed about my perspiration under my arms. Thank You!!!”
* “The first day of usage of both AM and PM I had little to no sweating. Since day three and as of today I have not had any issues with sweating. I have been able to light colored shirts and long sleeve shirts without the fear of leaving a big sweat stain in them. The product works great and has definitely made me more confident to wear any type of shirt I want to. The PM as noted on the package can be a little itchy but other than that no complaints. Great product.”
Kristin M
* “I ordered this for my teenage son. We had tried everything sold in stores and nothing could curb his underarm sweating. Duradry has been a lifesaver! It works! He might sweat through just a bit but nothing like before Duradry. He feels much more confident and I’m not having to do quite as much laundry. Thank you, Duradry!”
Kristen J Merrick
* “Bought this for my teenage son (17). He says the pm formula itches a bit but it works so well it is worth it. He’s tried everything and he’s very pleased and this momma is very happy to no longer hear the complaints!”
Alexander Ascencio
* “It’s a great product
I’m really satisfied with it I will recomendaciones to anyone that I see that has over sweating problems. I love it with many other products I tried before I never thought I was going to find one that really works. Thank you so muchhh!!!”
Francis Santillan
* “It was awesome! I see the effect on my first try. I will keep using it until I regain my confidence.”
Lady Coronel
* “Excelente producto se los recomiendo me funciono de maravillas… estoy gustosa de haber invertido en un producto de calidad y que da excelentes resultados en tan poco tiempo.”
Sean Mack
* “I must say that this is by far the BEST sweat blocker I have came across. I have been battling with excessive sweat for years now and nothing works. It has gotten to the point where I was going to get surgery done because I could not wear what I wanted. Within days of using this product I was able to wear light color clothing without worrying about embarrassing sweat stains. This product works maricles and I am so thankful for its creators.”
* “So far, so good. Have been using Duradry about a week, only used the PM once, and I’ve still been dry every day! No more pit stains or swearing through my blazers. I feel so much more confident without having to worry about lifting my arms in front of someone.”
Steven Warrick
* “Using for 3-4 days now and is working great! No complaints, as expected!”
AJ Harris
* “Well guys, I was definitely skeptical, but decided I would give it a shot. I’m 31 years old, and since I was about 15, I have had issues with excessive sweating under my arms. My shirts always had stains, and I constantly took an extra shirt or two with me if I was going anywhere important. This stuff has completely changed my life. I got it right before I started doing a lot of traveling, and did not have time to use the PM stuff 3 nights in a row. I used it two nights in a row, and the am stuff everyday. I have had zero sweat under my arms since day two. You have a customer for life!!”
Ryan Ostler
* “I had really bad issues sweating from my armpits all day regardless of physical activity. I tried a lot of different deodorants, but non stopped the sweating. I decided to give duradry a try and am glad I did. After the first day I no longer had embarrassing sweat stains under my arms. I can comfortable wear gray shirts again without being embarrassed. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now, there was slight irritation the first night, but after that it has been totally comfortable.”
Chris Meurin
* “Only product that has ever worked for me!”
James Granville
* “So far so good. When using the pm product I did get a weird feeling and it made me feel like I should itch it real bad. But never got a rash or anything and fell asleep. When I woke up I was dry not sweaty.”
Ruth sanchez
* “I love it!!! It has changed my like forever . I started using it about a week ago and like magic i have not been sweating a drip from my armpit. I’m so happy. This has to be the best purchase I’ve ever made. The only downside was while using my am deodorant the product broke and I had to store it in a bag.”
* “Went out for the first time without having to change shirts. Stayed dry and fresh! Love this product so far!”
* “My problem has never been odor as much as excessive perspiration. I could get out of a shower completely cool and sit with my shirt off and my armpits would start to drip down my sides. I’ve ruined SO MANY shirts over the last 10 years it’s not even funny. I’d sweat when not really exerting myself but stress made it much worse. I’d feel self conscious about raising my arms because my shirts were pretty much always wet. I’ve tried many different standard antiperspirants as well as several of the “clinical” strength top shelf variants. None of them had the effect that DuraDry has. I’ve been using it for about 2.5 weeks now and have been dry every day. I used the PM version for the first 2 nights as directed and have only used it about once per week since then. Just the AM stick otherwise and I stay dry all the time.. This has been a real game changer for me. I’m ready to head out and buy some new shirts!”
Carey Henderson
* “I bought the AM & PM for my boyfriend, a chronic sweater, and he’s been very happy with the products. The amount of sweat is definitely less since using them.”
Nate W
* “I am shocked at how quick and effective Duradry is. I used to sit in my office and quickly soak through a shirt. I would sit in church and soak through my suit. I was constantly embarrassed and self-conscious. All that is behind me now. Only a few days in and my excessive underarm sweating is a thing of the past. Thank you!”
* “It did what it was supposed to do and eliminated 90% of the sweating. I still sweat a little bit when it’s really hot.”
* “Was a total skeptic.. Until I tried it!”
* “Five Stars”
* “I used to sweat a lot. After 5 days of using your product I no longer had to worry about it! P.S: send me a coupon for my friends pleasee”
Jonathan W.
* “Thank you guys!”
Alexis S.
* “Game changer!”
David C.
* “The best $50 I’ve spent. It fixed the issue in less than a week.”
* “Say hello to my new favorite deodorant”
* “And another day goes by that I don’t have to worry about my heavy sweating! All thanks to you!”
Annie J.
* “I don’t have to change my shirt after only a few hours of wear. Never thought I’d see the day!”
Sean Z.
* “My freshman year at college was really hard, I suffered from excessive sweating on my armpits. I would always make lite of the situation, but it actually left me feeling insecure, nervous and anxious. After trying all of the store bought brands with no success I decided to do some online research andstumbled upon your product. After a couple of days, my excessive sweating stopped!”
Gaby G.
* “It works”
Samuel K.
* “Miracles do exist! Finally after testing more than 8 different brands over the course of two years I have finally found the ONE. I was skeptical at first because I never heard of the brand. But when I saw the ad online I decided to give it a shot. Pleasently surprise with the results.”
Daniel B.
* “Great product! It is what I had been looking for!”
Kevin A.
* “Thanks to Durary, the sweating is gone and so is the embarassing oder.”
Cariel C.
* “I want to thank the manufacturers for this excellent product. I can now live life with no sweat rings!”
Joel B.
* “Duradry is VERY effective and highly recommended.”
Erika W.
* “Greatest invention ever. I first noticed my excessive perspiration problem when I was in my teens which led me to wear a double layer of t-shirts (or a sweater on top), this problem remained throughout my college years. Thanks to a friend of mine, I was introducted to this product, now I feel super confident. Thanks to the team behind this product.”
Edmundo S.
* “I finally found the solution to my sweating problem. Definitely the best on the market. Thank you to the creators of this product!”
Eduardo T.
* “Amazing product. I started using it 3 days ago and the results are incredible! 100% recommended.”
* “This product literally saved me. I have Hyperhidrosis and this is the only deodorant that works for me.”
Jim G.
* “Simple. It works!”
Mariana Manolache
* “I’m from Romania and I bought Duradry 2 weeks ago.I suffered with underarm sweat in the last 2 years. Whenever I was under pressure at work or nervous, my armpits would sweat a lot which knocked my confidence. I had to wear black all the time to mask the huge sweat patches. I started using duradry a week ago and from the first use my body sweating has disappeared! What can I say It has changed my life, I can wear any clothing material in any colour and I will not have wet underarms ever! I was not disappointed. It really helped my confidence. I highly recommended.”
Jessica acevedo
* “Finally I found something that works for me! I’ve told so many people about it,
I love it. The pm did burn a little bit so only do it once a week but the am is great.”
Louis Conde
* “Duradry has been absolutely fantastic! In a short amount of time, my sweating was put under control and now I feel so much better! I am so happy I found this product!”
Jessie Stanley
* “I have been sweating all my life and thanks to facebook I discovered Duradry! I’m amazed because I started the treatment last night and today I’m completely dry! I feel like a different person, to anyone suffering from this, stop debating and purchase NOW!”
* “I started using the product on thursday night (4 days ago) and results are amazing. The real test was today, I work in construction, long hours in the beating sun. The product lived up to its promise, I DID NOT SWEAT AT ALL!!! It’s incredible!!!”
* “Hello, yes I tried the product and have been using it for a month, and truthfully it has been excellent! I have gotten great results; thank you for creating this product, haven’t felt my underarms this dry in a long time. Profuse sweating made me feel super embarrassed”
* “I had been suffering from excessive perspiration for the last 15 years. No product could help me until I tried duradry. The first day I started to see results, and the second day the sweat was gone! This product changed my life.”
Kevin Ellis
* “It really works!! I saw Duradry being advertised on Facebook and thought it was going to be just like every other “miracle product” that is on the market, but I decided to try it anyways. I saw drastic results after the second application. Now I can wear those shirts I have always avoided.”