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Easy to apply. FDA-Approved. Fast results.

We created a system of 3 topical products to help you control your excessive sweating. It’s really easy to use, safe and FDA-Approved.

Duradry is not like any antiperspirant you have tried before. It was engineered to control even the worst cases of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Our users usually notice results after the first application.

What our customers are saying

Unbeatable Sweat Protection

Deodorants just mask odors. Regular and “Clinical Strength” antiperspirants are not enough for patients suffering from excessive perspiration.

Duradry provides full antiperspirant protection even for the most severe cases of excessive sweating.

Duradry 3 part system

What makes it work so well?

Its ingredients and the system.

Duradry® contains exceptionally pure, high performance active ingredients. The 3-Step System is designed to work synergistically. In other words, the three products join forces to safely and effectively eliminate your excessive perspiration problem.

3 simple steps to success


How soon will I notice a difference?
Our users usually notice changes after the first application!

Do you offer FREE shipping?
Yes! all U.S. orders get FREE shipping.

Is Duradry safe?
Yes! Duradry is FDA Approved and is manufactured in the USA in an FDA and ISO-compliant facility.

How long will it take my order to arrive?
It can take about 4-5 business days, and you can always track it using the Shipping Confirmation email that we send as soon as your order ships.

Is Duradry for me?
If you are fighting excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, then yes; Duradry is for you!

Are there any cancelling fees or any sneaky fee?
Absolutely not. You only have to pay for the stuff we ship you.

Is this one of those impossible to cancel programs?
Nope. You can cancel anytime for any reason with just a few clicks. Most of our users love Duradry and stay with us, but if it’s not your case we never make it hard to leave.

Is this the same Duradry I saw on TV?
Yes! We’ve been working hard on getting people to know about us.


2,504 Reviews
Rosario Mendoza
Verified Purchase

There is no word to describe how great this product is. I have suffered of excessive underarm sweat since I was 13. Excessive pit wet stains every single day hot or cold. It has been over 100° in my city and Duradry has reduced my sweat by a 90%. With just a week worth of using it. I LOVE IT! It feels weird to not sweat as much like i had the past 11 years!

Scott Graham

Verified Purchase

Okay this will be pretty long. I really like PM antiperspirant. I sweat when I’m just sitting in a not even hot room so imagine what it’s like when I’m at work but I finally feel better about my armpits wetness and smell. I used a different brand before but it barely worked, I still sweated a lot and didn’t help with the smell. The first night I put it on it somehow didn’t sting like at all, but the second time I did it like 3 days later it itched. But it’s bearable and goes away. I was at work and I wear a tank top, t shirt and sweater so I got pretty hot and I felt wetness when I went in the bathroom and felt my armpits but my shirt was dry and it didn’t smell bad at all, which is what I’m used to. I can’t say anything about wet marks for wearing tight clothing bc I wear lose black sweater everyday. I have only used to for 2 nights and honestly Ive never had this much success for something that effects my happiness and social life this much. I really recommend the PM antiperspirant.

Tom Membrino
Verified Purchase

Very happy!
I don’t know if its because it’s something new for me to use but ever since i started using the pm along with the am i have not sweat through a shirt. I can now also wear light colored shirts and its only been a little over a week. I am very happy i just hope that its not something that is short lived and wear off.

George Benedict
Verified Purchase

Works great !
Works great !

Karen Gall
Verified Purchase

I bought Duradry for my son who is 22 years old. Since he was about 15 he has sweat under his arms excessively to the point where it would literally drip from his armpits. He tried many expensive deodorants that did nothing. He stopped wearing colored shirts and would only wear black or white. I came across this website after reviewing several others and I thought the review were too good to be true but for the price I was willing to spend the money if it helped my son. He was miserable with this condition.
The day after his 1st (yes 1st) pm application he was ecstatic! He couldn’t wait to tell me that he had not sweated at all the whole day. The second day I saw him with a red shirt on and I was so happy for him. To anyone who has this condition, please do not hesitate to try it.

Verified Purchase

I will only use Duradry from now on
This product has been the best deodorant I’ve ever used. It helps block odor. The big thing I’ve noticed I barely sweat under my armpits. I used to have a huge wet spot under my arms within an hour of putting my clothes on. Now I barely get one.

Verified Purchase

For a lady i sweat A LOT ive been to countless dermatologist who recommended getting a procedure done in your armpit. THIS PRODUCT WORKS AND IS SAFE! It burned a little and is deff a bit itchy but that only lasts for a little while after you put on the PM anti persprant. THIS IS A REAL PRODUCT that deff works magic and i can now wear normal clothes and borrow clothing without having to worry if i return it ruined and sweaty and smelly. This product needs more recognition. Rock on

Scott Hebert
Verified Purchase

I never rate ietms
Not sure where to start with this as it is a very rare occurrence that I rate items. I cannot say enough great things about this product. As an immediate skeptic after trying countless other products including shirts, this product has blown me away. After the first two days it hadn’t worked quite the way I thought. I still had uncontrollable sweat and couldn’t sleep well at night with the itching. Now one week in, I am able to workout and perform daily activities without the worry of over-sweating. I would recommend this product for anyone and will be a customer for life. Thank you!

Kent Brower
Verified Purchase

Life changing
Couldn’t be any happier than I am. Thank you for bringing back my confidence.

Verified Purchase

I used Duradry for the first time last night and this morning. After about 25 years of issues with excessive sweating, sweat stains, and embarrassment, and trying many, many products that are supposed to help, I FINALLY found something that worked! I am so excited! It was almost weird to have dry underarms today. I didn’t know what that felt like. I can’t wait to see how this works for me long term! If this does work for me long term, it will totally change my life! Thank you!

Verified Purchase

Nothing was helping reduce my teenage daughter’s embarrassing underarm sweat. I found this product on line and was praying it would help. Duradry delivers! She now goes to school in her “cute” tops, not worry about unsightly sweat marks!! Her confidence is back! Thank you DuraDry!!

Verified Purchase

Great product
The first day of usage of both AM and PM I had little to no sweating. Since day three and as of today I have not had any issues with sweating. I have been able to light colored shirts and long sleeve shirts without the fear of leaving a big sweat stain in them. The product works great and has definitely made me more confident to wear any type of shirt I want to. The PM as noted on the package can be a little itchy but other than that no complaints.

Sean Mack
Verified Purchase

I must say that this is by far the BEST sweat blocker I have came across
I have been battling with excessive sweat for years now and nothing works. It has gotten to the point where I was going to get surgery done because I could not wear what I wanted. Within days of using this product I was able to wear light color clothing without worrying about embarrassing sweat stains. This product works maricles and I am so thankful for its creators

Verified Purchase

So far, so good. Have been using Duradry about a week, only used the PM once, and I’ve still been dry every day! No more pit stains or swearing through my blazers. I feel so much more confident without having to worry about lifting my arms in front of someone.

AJ Harris
Verified Purchase

You have a customer for life!!
Well guys, I was definitely skeptical, but decided I would give it a shot. I’m 31 years old, and since I was about 15, I have had issues with excessive sweating under my arms. My shirts always had stains, and I constantly took an extra shirt or two with me if I was going anywhere important. This stuff has completely changed my life. I got it right before I started doing a lot of traveling, and did not have time to use the PM stuff 3 nights in a row. I used it two nights in a row, and the am stuff everyday. I have had zero sweat under my arms since day two. You have a customer for life!!

Duradry 3-Step System