Duradry Underarm Protection System

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Duradry® PM and Duradry® AM work synergistically to control your excessive underarm sweating and odor. It is the most effective sweat protection system you will find on the market.

Duradry PM is NOT a “Clinical Strength” antiperspirant. Duradry PM will control even the worst cases of excessive sweating. And Duradry AM was formulated to replace your everyday AP/Deo; to increase the efficacy of the system as a whole.

At over 200 applications per tube, Duradry PM, is one of the most affordable in its category. Duradry PM has an estimated cost per application of only $0.25.

You’ll experiment results from day one, and in just a few days your excessive sweating will be controlled. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can return your items within one year of purchase, and receive an unconditional full refund. You can even send back your empty bottles!

What you need is in this box!

Ships within 48 hours, delivered in 3-5 days.

FDA Approved
Formulated according to strict regulatory guidelines, and registered with the FDA.

One year guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the results, you can return your items within one year of purchase, and receive an unconditional full refund. We will pay for the return label. And yes, you can send back your empty bottles!

Made in USA
Manufactured in the USA in a FDA and ISO compliant facility with the highest quality control standards.
Our protection system

Apply at bedtime

While you sleep, Duradry® PM will work to control your excessive sweating.

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Apply in the morning

Duradry® AM will keep you dry and odor free throughout the day.

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What our customers are saying

“Now I don’t have to change shirts 2 to 3 times a day. I don’t have to worry so much when I go out with my friends. And it’s just amazing…”

“…with all the other things I have to be self conscious about…One of them is how I smell…I have been using this product (Duradry) for a few weeks now, and it just gives me one less thing to worry about”

“I would get a lot of anxiety when I’d go to job interviews… or asking girls on dates… and that was terrible as well. I just constantly felt embarrassed, but that’s all in the past now”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Underarm Protection System?

    In our line of products, you will find Duradry® PM and Duradry® AM. Each one is formulated to perform a specific function with the goal of controlling excess underarm perspiration. These two products work synergistically to become the most effective protection system you will find on the market.

    If you would like to obtain additional information on each of the products, please refer to their respective pages. You can use the main menu at the top of this page, or the following links:
    - Duradry® PM
    - Duradry® AM

  • Are the products included in the “Underarm Protection System” any different from the ones I can purchase separately?

    The “Underarm Protection System” includes one unit of Duradry® PM and one unit of Duradry® AM. There is no difference between the formulations of the products in this bundle and those you can buy separately through our webpage.

  • What guarantee applies to the “Underarm Protection System”?

    We are confident that you’ll love our products, but if you are not fully satisfied, you have one year to return them and receive a full refund. We’ll even pay for your return labels when shipping from a U.S. address. You can get more information on our Shipping & Returns FAQ page.