Duradry User Guide
Control your sweating within a week

Pro Tip 1
Commitment to the 3 steps during the first week is fundamental to your success.

Pro Tip 2
Trimming your underarm hair improves results.

Step 1: Wash with Duradry Wash.
It will deodorize & deep clean your skin.

Duradry Wash removes impurities and deodorant residues so Duradry AM & PM can have direct contact with your skin.

Pro Tip 3
After Duradry Wash, pat dry, then let air dry for a few minutes.

Pro Tip 4
Duradry Wash alone improves the performance of the system by
up to 20%.
Step 2: Apply Duradry PM at bedtime.
Apply a pea size amount and spread evenly on each underarm.

You DO NOT need to apply Duradry PM every night. Apply 2 to 4 consecutive nights until your excessive sweating is under control. Then apply once or twice a week for maintenance.
Pro Tip 5
Duradry PM might cause itchiness during initial applications. This will subside as you control your excessive sweating. The easiest ways to reduce itchiness are:
Making sure your skin is completely dry before applying.
Sleep in a cool room (A/C or a fan)
Sleeping with a t-shirt will allow you to scratch.

Pro Tip 6
If you shave, wait at least 24-48h to apply Duradry PM.

Pro Tip 7
If your skin gets irritated due to Duradry PM, suspend use until it recovers. Hydrocortisone cream can help expedite recovery.

Step 3: Apply Duradry AM every morning.
It will keep you dry and odor-free throughout the day.

Only apply on clean, dry skin.
Pro Tip 8
Washing before applying Duradry AM is optional, but highly recommended. Remember that Duradry Wash can improve performance by up to 20%.

Pro Tip 9
Avoid over applying Duradry AM, it can lead to apparent sweat marks.

Pro Tip 10
Duradry AM stick is ultra dry. Avoid breakage by exposing only what's necessary.
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