Why Duradry®?

Why Duradry®?

  • You’ll notice results from day one!
  • Results are guaranteed.
  • It’s FDA approved and safe.

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What makes Duradry® Underarm Protection System
Work so Well?
Its ingredients and the system.
Duradry® contains exceptionally pure, high performance active ingredients.

The 2-Product System is designed to work synergistically. In other words, the two products join forces to safely and effectively eliminate your excessive perspiration problem.

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Sweat Protection Level
Deodorants just mask odors.

Regular and “Clinical Strength” antiperspirants are not enough for patients suffering from excessive perspiration.

Duradry provides full antiperspirant protection even for the most severe cases of excessive sweating.
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Duradry® performs like no other

Prescription strength, yet safe

Duradry® is prescription strength (Active ingredient: Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate @ 15%), while complying with strict FDA guidelines.

Focus on efficacy

Our products are made with high performance active ingredients in their purest form. Our goal is to maximize the efficacy of our products, not to reduce costs.

Backed by scientific research

Based on scientific rigor, each ingredient included in our formulas is at a precise concentration to make it all work.

Innovative formulas

Duradry® integrates functional ingredients based on the most recent research on excessive perspiration treatments.
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FDA Approved
Formulated according to strict regulatory guidelines, and registered with the FDA.

One year guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the results, you can return your items within one year of purchase, and receive an unconditional full refund. We will pay for the return label. And yes, you can send back your empty bottles!

Made in USA
Manufactured in the USA in a FDA and ISO compliant facility with the highest quality control standards.

Be sweat free.

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