Be sweat free.

Duradry® will control your excessive perspiration in 3 days. Guaranteed.
The solution to your excessive perspiration
Duradry® Underarm Protection System

Our solution

How it works

1. Duradry® PM

Apply Duradry® PM at bedtime for 1-3 nights.

2. Duradry® AM

Replace your regular antiperspirant with Duradry® AM.

3. Relax

Enjoy your new sweat-free life!

Gain control with Duradry®

More than 99% of patients control their excessive perspiration in 3 days

  • 79%
  • 86%
  • > 99%
Duradry® performs like no other

Prescription strength, yet safe

Duradry® is prescription strength (Active ingredient: Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate @ 15%), while complying with the strict FDA guidelines.

Focus on efficacy

Our products are made with enhanced active ingredients in their purest form. Our goal is to maximize the efficacy of our products, not to reduce costs.

Backed by scientific research

Based on scientific rigor, each ingredient is included in our formulas at a precise concentration to make it all work.

Innovative formulas

Duradry® integrates functional ingredients based on the most recent research on excessive perspiration treatments.
Get close to others
No more embarrassing odors or sweat rings under your arms.
Dress the way you’ve always wanted
The pleasure of dressing with any color, any fabric, any fit.
Be you, the real you.
Confident, free and happy. That’s what it’s all about.

Be sweat free.

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