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Duradry® Protection System

How it works

1. Duradry® PM

Apply Duradry® PM at bedtime

2. Duradry® AM

Apply Duradry® AM in the morning

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Frequently Asked Questions
How fast will I notice changes?Our users usually notice changes after the first application!
Is Duradry® for me?If you are fighting underarm odor and excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, then yes; Duradry® is for you!
What’s the active ingredient in Duradry® PM?Aluminum Chloride (Hexahydrate) @ 15%, the ingredient recommended by dermatologists to treat excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.
What if it doesn’t work for me?If you are not satisfied with the results, you can take advantage of our no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Read more about it on the Shipping & Returns page.
Is Duradry® safe?Yes! Duradry® is FDA Approved and is manufactured in the USA in an FDA and ISO-compliant facility.
Where can I find more information about your products?Please read our product FAQs
Duradry PM | Duradry AM
Get Duradry® now!
FREE Shipping & Returns for all U.S. orders
What our customers are saying
  • David
    * “…look at my underarms, they are almost completely dry, and that’s after a workout… Duradry is the way to go, certainly the way to go for me, and I bet it’s the way to go for you too.”
  • Noelle
    * “…with all the other things I have to be self conscious about…One of them is how I smell…I have been using this product (Duradry) for a few weeks now, and it just gives me one less thing to worry about”
  • Ben
    * “For me Duradry has boosted my confidence level. I no longer have to worry about if I’m sweating through my t-shirt and my button up shirt”
  • Mark
    * “…nothing has really worked. And one week after using Duradry… having had no sweat stains under my armpits, and things are going great”
  • Matt
    * “…has been a big win in my life, and I’ve told many people about it, and I haven’t met anybody that hasn’t like it as well”
  • Ryan
    * “I was pretty skeptical of the product, read a lot of the reviews and decided to give it a shot… and literally the first day after I tried Duradry I didn’t have a single spot of wetness under my armpits”
  • Nick
    * “Prior to purchasing Duradry I was very skeptical of the product. I’ve tried many products on the market and none of them worked. However after a day of using Duradry my sweat was completely gone”
  • Ana Karina
    * “I’ve been feeling more confident, less sweaty for sure. I really love it. I’ve been using it for a few days, but I really like the way I feel”
  • Jennifer
    * “I was pretty skeptical being that I’ve tried pretty much every clinical brand on the market and they never worked for me… I tried Duradry and haven’t sweat since, literally. It’s been amazing, so thank you for creating this product, I feel it was created just for me, thank you very much!”

Control Your Sweating!

Get Duradry® now!
FREE Shipping & Returns for all U.S. orders